Twitter marketing for dog friendly, weddings, hobbies, arts and crafting businesses. Affordable Twitter social media promotion for small and medium sized (SME’s) UK businesses with a mobile phone friendly website design that is social media promotion and marketing friendly!

Social Media Promotion

We can help your small business grow and attract new customers to your website with focused Twitter social media promotion. Contact us about our tweet services.

Twitter Marketing

Low-Cost Twitter Monitoring & Retweets

Pay as you go (Twitter monitoring and retweet service) costs £10.00 a month. Save £5.00 a month when you join any of our niche business directory blogs with low-cost website promotion. Publishing the right tweets will help and support your rankings in the major search engines!

Our Twitter Social Media Accounts

We operate 3 main Twitter social media accounts. One for our dog friendly business directory, another for the wedding business directory, and… for our hobbies, arts and crafts business directory. 99% of our followers are based in the UK! Important for UK focused businesses!

Improve Your SEO Rankings with Twitter

Boost your website rankings in the search engines with tweets (about your business) from Twitter social media accounts relevant to your business. We can assist your business with SEO friendly tweeting and retweeting of important tweets (tweeted by you) about your business.

Free Twitter Monitoring & Retweets

Twitter user? We don’t charge for twitter marketing if your business is listed (with paid advertising) on our UK business directory blogs. Twitter user? We’ll follow you, monitor your business tweets, and… retweet your most important tweets (those which promote your website)!

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