Website promotion can be costly, complicated, and will damage your business if carried out incorrectly. One of the most important ways you can promote your website (and boost your website SEO rankings) is with incoming links from niche directory websites not using ‘nofollow’.

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How Does ‘NoFollow’ Effect My Link?

In short, the website ranking SEO juice from the page (where the link to your website is) will NOT be passed onwards to your website. Programmers tell the search engines NOT to credit your website with ranking ‘juice’ from the link. Not the best news for your website SEO!

Why Do Directory Owners Use ‘NoFollow’?

In short… most business owners don’t understand how ‘nofollow’ works. Think very carefully… before you sign up to any kind of website advertising (free or paid) on any kind of website that uses ‘nofollow’! Websites that use ‘nofollow’ need you, far more than you need them!

Our ‘NoFollow’ Website Linking Policy

We do not code ‘nofollow’ into the outgoing links on any of our business directory blogs. Which means that, your website SEO rankings in the major search engines… will improve as a direct result of website promotion on our directory blogs. Free & low-cost promotion is available.

Free UK Business Blog Promotion

Independent dog friendly, weddings, hobbies, arts and crafts businesses (with a mobile phone friendly website design) can claim free promotion. Register, submit your posting and we’ll take things from there. Special listing priority will be given to businesses… with a links page.

Low-Cost Directory Blog Promotion

For UK websites that don’t qualify for FREE promotion, low-cost website promotion is available from £5.00 a month. Plus, you’ll also receive a ‘Featured’ mention on the business directory you would like to promote your website on. Blog promotion will improve your rankings!

Free Twitter Monitoring & Retweets

Twitter user? We don’t charge for twitter marketing if your business is listed (with paid advertising) on our UK business directory blogs. Twitter user? We’ll follow you, monitor your business tweets, and… retweet your most important tweets (those which promote your website)!

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Visit the dog friendly business directory, wedding business directory or hobbies, arts and crafts business directory pages for additional information about blog promotion. Join today and improve your rankings in the search engines.

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